He’s sucking my blood……..and my time.

So, I’m writing a vampire novel. This will be my first official novel even though I’ve written wannabe novels in the past and either lost them or moved on from them. I promise I won’t be moving on from, The Inheritance. It’s a basic YA read with a human girl meeting a vampire, love may be found! Shocker! I know, really original! Well, I aim to please.

The truth is I’ve written poetry since I could scribble. I literally mean, scribble. I was a great liar when I was a young’un! I would do some chicken scratch on a paper and construct a whole world from it, telling it to my peers, who (just like me) couldn’t read or write! So I guess I was never a writer but a pathological liar……I dunno to each their own, don’t judge!

Anyways, it’s this many years later and I’m trying once again to lie! Although this time, I’m older, fatter, and none the wiser! I’m looking to create a world from the scribbling I manage to scratch out every once in awhile during my busy day. You see, I’m a wife, a mother, and I have no time! I don’t have time to create worlds, I’m not even allowed to pee by myself!

So let’s talk about this vampire who sucks……

OK, OK, let’s not be that hard on him. His world was actually created from my obsession with teenie bopper shows on basic cable. I love, The Vampire Dairies and The Originals, and although I love The Walking Dead, it was the vampires who kept creeping into my head at night! They won’t leave! And so Desmond Romero was born!

Desmond is mean, he never wanted to be a vampire and somehow my main character Taylor loves pushing that humanity button of his. He isolates himself, as many vampires do and like many we’ve all seen before, when given a chance at love….he tends to screw it up. He’s not a horrible un-dead guy but he has trouble being told no, and is as selfish as a toddler.

Herein lies my problem. I have a toddler, and a preschooler. Both of these tiny and delightful creatures demand 100% of my time. At the end of a long day all I want to do is curl up and sleep for a thousand years. Instead, once the lights die down and the kiddos are snoozing, Desmond makes his way in. He begs me to write for him, to type out the words that he has no voice to speak. I tell him I’m tired, I toss and turn but the dialog between him and Taylor floods my dreams. I want sleep, but I want my story out!!!!

I love my life and I wouldn’t change a thing. I love writing and I know I want to share Desmond with others.

So this is where I’m at.

I’m completely new to blogging and I’m just trying to get my thoughts out there to anyone, who either knows the struggle or enjoys reading the sufferings of stay at home mom/writer!

I’m no English teacher, in fact I wouldn’t consider it my primary language. I am however fluent in toddler, gibberish, and mumbling. Either way, I need an editor and most of what I write will be riddled with errors. So please bear with me on the grammarage or lack thereof! What I can promise is if you chose to read my poorly constructed rants, you’ll never be bored! You will either have a bit of fun, or enjoy mocking me!

❤ S.J.



 This is my first ever blog! I’m really excited to get started. So consider this, my start!